About Our Anchorage Immigration Lawyers

Cascadia Cross Border Law Group LLC has earned an international reputation as an effective, efficient and ethical advocate for people with immigration-related concerns. Over the last three decades, our firm has represented scores of individuals, as well as local, national and international companies in a broad spectrum of U.S. immigration matters.

Our firm name is derived from our belief that the timely and predictable cross-border movement of people — executives, managers, professionals and others with specialized knowledge, to name a few — is absolutely essential to the success of the global economy. We support this movement with advice, advocacy and representation for people throughout the United States and internationally.

We have the capacity to meet with clients at our Anchorage, Alaska, law office. We have an additional law office in Bellingham, Washington, and can also work with clients throughout the United States and internationally via telephone, Skype, and email.

An Authority On Immigration Law And National Security

Margaret D. Stock is the principal immigration attorney at our Anchorage location. Recognized as a leader at the forefront of immigration law in the United States, Stock speaks widely on issues of immigration law before government organizations, attorneys, and law students. She has published numerous articles and has appeared on television and radio. Stock is a 2013 recipient of a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship for her work in the areas of immigration and national security.

As a firm, we believe that national security isn’t just about keeping the wrong people out of the United States. It is about letting the right people in. National security doesn’t just mean our physical security. It means our economic security, civil liberties and freedom, and the best ways to preserve those is to ensure that well-qualified individuals are allowed to fully and effectively participate in the businesses and social networks growing here.

A History Of Success For Our Clients

We have won many victories for our clients, including several high-profile immigration cases that helped change immigration laws or shape the way those laws are interpreted by immigration judges. We often take cases that have been lost by other attorneys — cases containing complex legal and factual issues. Many of our clients face an uphill battle in the legal system. We support them, taking the appropriate and necessary actions to protect their interests at every step of the way.

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