Immigration-Related Lawsuits Against the Government

When U.S. citizens are wrongly detained — when the government violates its own or international laws — fighting back against the government can seem overwhelming, but it is possible. At Cascadia Cross Border Law Group LLC, we have met with success. Attorney Margaret Stock has effectively represented people under the Federal Tort Claims Act and other laws, bringing claims against the government for damages and other relief.

What To Do If Your Rights Have Been Violated

Things can go wrong when people interact with the government in a complex immigration matter. Sometimes people, and even their attorneys, inadvertently take the wrong actions, and sometimes the government oversteps its bounds.

If you are facing immigration trouble, it is critical that you get a second opinion before giving up. We often represent people who come to us as their second law firm. We pick up where other lawyers leave off, and we can often help put matters on the right track again.

Our focus is on complex and challenging immigration matters, including the wrongful detention of U.S. citizens by the government. To effectively resolve them, we use extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the law. Our principal attorney, Margaret Stock, is widely recognized as a leader in immigration law and has a history of obtaining results for people who felt they had no options.

Contact An Immigration Litigation Attorney About Wrongful Detention

Of course, each case is different. The best way to learn whether we can help in your case is to talk with us about your situation. Contact Cascadia Cross Border Law Group LLC at 888-494-1486 to learn what we charge for an initial consultation. You can also contact us online.