Permanent Immigration via Employment

Many people permanently immigrate to the United States through employment. At Cascadia Cross Border Law Group LLC, we help a broad range of employers and employees obtain employment-based visas.

Our clients include professors, students, researchers, physicians, international managers and executives, engineers, teachers, religious workers, investors and temporary workers. We represent many businesses seeking to bring workers to the U.S., and we often partner with human resources departments to make this possible.

We represent clients seeking employment-based permanent resident visas such as:

  • EB1 visas: Employment-based first-preference visas are given to priority workers, including people of extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics. Multinational executives and managers, outstanding professors and researchers, and others who have accomplished significant professional achievements (e.g., the Nobel Prize) may also qualify under this visa.
  • EB2 visas: Employment-based second-preference visas are for professionals who hold advanced degrees and other people with exceptional ability.
  • EB3 visas: Employment-based third-preference visas are for professionals, skilled workers and other workers.
  • EB4 visas: Employment-based fourth-preference visas are for religious workers and other special immigrants. Certain special immigrants, including ministers, religious workers and government workers, are eligible for EB4 visas.
  • EB5 visas: Employment-based fifth-preference visas are for investors and other employment creators. Individuals must meet certain requirements, including investing a certain dollar amount and creating jobs for a certain number of qualified people.

Helping Employers Bring Well-Qualified Workers To Alaska

Even minor or unintentional mistakes in an employment visa application can cause substantial delay or even denial of your visa or change of status application. Our lawyers thoroughly review each matter and file all necessary documentation to help ensure that the process goes smoothly.

In Alaska, many businesses bring in international workers on EB2 or EB3 visas. Where necessary, we help employers begin the immigration process by obtaining labor certification from the Department of Labor (DOL). Labor certification confirms that your business needs meet certain legal requirements and that there are insufficient U.S. workers available who are qualified and willing to perform the work for which your business must hire foreign individuals.

Workers Already In The United States and Work Site Enforcement

Sometimes, complex problems can arise after employees are already in the United States or when the U.S. government audits a company’s immigration compliance records. We have the ability to handle these problems efficiently and effectively and encourage businesses and individuals to reach out to us as soon as possible after discovering an issue.

In some cases, we can help clients achieve a change in immigration status from a temporary employment-based visa to status as a lawful permanent resident. We also help clients navigate various visas, including F and M student visas and professional worker visas. Finally, we can audit your immigration compliance records and suggest ways to make sure those records meet U.S. government requirements.

Timing is critical in many employment-based immigration cases, so contacting an experienced immigration attorney as soon as possible is important. Contact Cascadia Cross Border Law Group LLC at 888-494-1486 to learn what we charge for an initial consultation. You can also contact us online.